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Our central NJ family law practice areas include, but are not limited to:

Father’s Rights
Grandparent’s Rights
Marriage Dissolution
Prenuptial Agreements
Spousal Support

Divorce versus Marriage Dissolution

In NJ, marriage dissolution means that the couple has worked out or is willing to work out the terms and conditions of their split without the involvement or interference from the courts.

With Dissolution, it means that it most cases, the following points have been worked out:
Child Support, Division of Property(ies), Parental Rights, Payment of Attorney(s), Payments of Debt(s), Residential Parent(s), Spousal Support, Visitation(s)

In the case of Divorce however, the couple has yet to make decisions about the home, children and finances — the divorce being the result of both parties disagreeing about who’s get what, including the children.

Whether you consider, Divorce or Marriage Dissolution, Thomas Ercolano III, Esq. can help you navigate either path and assist you by putting the legal vehicles in place that will carry forward your decision.

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Northern NJ

Thomas Ercolano III, Esq. will advocate for your position in the divorce with integrity, and fierce dedication. As part of your defense and in order to best serve you as your case progresses, it is of utmost importance that everyone provides full disclosure regarding their finances and their physical and emotional states.

Fully informed of the marriage’s history and the circumstances for divorce — regardless of fault, Ercolano Law is able to provide clients with an exceptional outcome at the close of the case proceedings.