Inspection Negotiations for Due Diligence

Ercolano Law helps bring resolution and advocacy to common sticking points during the escrow process while in disclosure and inspection negotiations.

Common Inspection Negotiation Sticking Points

Special attention must be placed on any disclosure of foundation settling,  moisture intrusion, and drainage problems – which can be very costly. The buyer has only a limited period of time to back out of the transaction based upon these disclosures, prior to closing.

Among the many aspects during the home buying/selling process, Ercolano Law helps with negotiating price adjustments/agreement around:

  • water intrusion
  • the existence of defects or malfunctions in:
     – the electrical
     – the plumbing
     – roofing systems
  • the existence of defects to the foundation
  • flooding and drainage problems
  • the existence of a community association
  • lead paint testing (residential apartments)