Personal Approach to Alimony & Spousal Support

Ercolano Law’s dedicated approach delivers spousal support solutions that start with a complete and total understanding of your existing lifestyle — seeking terms that reflect your current needs and quality of life that you’re accustomed to, going forward.

What factors are taken into consideration?

We lead all pursuits with integrity and honesty while working tirelessly at bringing to light any or all of the following when seeking financial support:

• Adapted living standards
• Current income of each spouse
• Each spouse’s earning capacity
• Education levels of both spouses
• Educational contributions made toward the supporting party’s success
• Financial make-up of each spouse, including assets and debts

• Future earning capacity dictated by unemployment to care for the home or children
• Health of both spouses
• Length of marriage
• Marketable skills of the spouse seeking support
• Retirement benefits
• Tax consequences of the award value

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