Compassionate Child Custody Representation

Divorce can be very complicated, and often ugly, leaving children torn about the upcoming circumstances that will determine where they live, how much time they get to spend with each parent, and how they’ll travel between the two. Thomas Ercolano III, Esq. helps deliver child custody solutions that place the best interest of the children while driving positive outcomes for their clients.

What factors are taken into consideration when awarding child custody?

Not all child custody cases are the same, with specific elements of a case that need to surface in order to best serve our clients. We lead all pursuits with integrity and compassion while working tirelessly at bringing to light any or all of the following circumstances when seeking child custody for our clients:

• Activities each spouse is involved in with the child(ren)
• Amount of time each spouse currently spends with the child(ren)
• Both parents’ schedules for work, travel, and commitments outside the home
• Familial situational surroundings

• Parents promoting a healthy / positive relationship with the child/other parents
• Volatile circumstances that interrupt the child’s quality of life, including arguments, threats, negativity, or any type of domestic violence

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